How can I manually test the built-in RCD?

Zaptec chargers will automatically do an RCD test before the start of every charging cycle.
But if you wish to do this manually you can do this by using the RCD Test Device in the Zaptec app. 

This is available underconfigure product or advanced settings (via Bluetooth) and is available for the owner directly or the electrician using the pin code. 

☝️ Note that the test can only be performed when a car charges. 


  1. Log in to the Zaptec app and connect to your charger via Bluetooth 

  2. Under "Advanced Settings" go to "RCD Test Device

  3. Click on the Test button 

  4. A ground fault should now be detected by the charger


To clear warning please remove the charging cable and wait until the charging station light turns green, then try to connect the car again. 



Not able to perform test?

If you get this message when trying to use the test button it can be because charging is not active. Meaning there is no load. Make sure that charging is not scheduled to start at a later point. 
If the button does not appear in the app at all it is most likely because the charger's firmware does not support the feature. Zaptec Go charger must have firmware and above.


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