About ZapCharger PRO

ZapCharger Pro is a unique Norwegian charging system

Works on all powergrids, with all types of rechargeable vehicles*


Use all available capacity

The power is dynamically shared across all charging stations. Allows you to charge over 100 electric cars in 1 day, on a simple 63A** fuse. Charge up to 22kW at all charging stations.

Unique scaling options with a single circuit and power cable

The communication between the charging stations and the cloud solution runs through the same power cable. This shared infrastructure makes it possible to start with few charging stations and expand when the need increases. Scaling of an existing installation therefore requires no additional work or investment in the fuse cabinet.

Fair use through identification using RFID or ZapCharger app

Built-in energy meter provides precise consumption, shared garage or parking space can be assigned and paid for by each user.

Safety to the highest standard

Type 2 connector that can withstand high loads over time, integrated fuses, electronic ground fault protection, Soft Start function and temperature sensors are built into the charging station for safety for both the user and the power grid.

Future proof and intelligent charging solution

Combines power electronics, embedded software running on the charging station and a cloud solution for configuration, monitoring, and advanced algorithms. The solution is future-proof with software updates from the cloud solution to the charging station.


*Provided that the vehicle supports the current type of power supply.
**With 3-phase TN in 24 hours.


Technical specification ZapCharger Pro

 For technical specifications for ZapCharger PRO, see ZapCharger PRO Product Sheet

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