Smart charging station for home use

At last, you can enjoy smart charging at home

It goes without saying that you would prefer to charge your car at home. This gives you the freedom to charge at your own convenience and when electricity prices are lowest.


Here are six good reasons why it’s smart to invest in a ZAPTEC HOME charging station:


Safety for you and your family 

Charging using a regular power outlet could result in a risk of fire or electric shock. ZAPTEC HOME lets you charge safely with the recommended two-station type unit, soft start and built-in ground fault circuit interrupter.

Suitable for every type of electric vehicle

ZAPTEC HOME lets you choose the electric car you really want the next time you trade in your old car, without having to think about switching to a new charging station.

Fast and powerful

With 22 kilowatts of power, you can charge your car to a driving range of 100 kilometres in only one hour’s time.

Easy to expand with extra charging stations

With ZAPTEC HOME, it’s easy to expand with two new charging point that shares the power.

Safe investment

Investing in a private charging station is an investment in the value of your home.

Control over energy consumption

A few years from now, the structure of electricity prices will change and electricity will become more expensive. This is an important reason to think smart when it comes to power consumption.


Technical specifications of ZAPTEC HOME

For technical specifications of ZAPTEC HOME, see ZAPTEC HOME Product Sheet

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