About 4G LTE-M eSIM with Telenor

Activation of 4G LTE-M eSIM with Telenor subscription

All ZAPTEC Pro charging stations are supplied with 4G LTE-M eSIM, as standard and will connect to the network automatically when they are powered up.

The power grid and other relevant settings must still be configured by the installer using the ZAPTEC App.




ZAPTEC Pro communicates via the Telenor 4G LTE-M network. This network will normally have coverage in all areas that would not normally have regular 4G coverage.

Therefore, we recommend testing coverage at the installation site with your own mobile before installing charging stations. A mobile with a Telenor SIM has to be used for accurate measurement.

Coverage map: hhttps://www.gsma.com/coverage/

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Placement and Positioning

  • Try to position charging stations so that these will have the best possible positions for mobile communication.
  • Avoid positioning them in places where objects may affect coverage.
  • Test the coverage in a variety of situations, such as with the garage door open/closed.


Shared network over 4G LTE-M

Each ZAPTEC Pro has built-in 4G communication and relies on an active eSIM to work. A charging station cannot share communications to multiple via 4G LTE-M.

If ZAPTEC PRO is provided with internet connection over WiFi and / or PLC communication, then network sharing functionality is supported and available.

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