Use all available capacity

The available power is divided dynamically across all charging stations. ZAPTEC performs load and phase balancing, and the charging station switches dynamically between 1-phase and 3-phase charging for best possible utilisation.

Easy to expand the system using more charging stations

When you install ZAPTEC, the infrastructure is set up for all parking spaces. If there is increased demand for charging, you can quickly and easily scale the existing infrastructure with no additional effort or investment in the fuse box.

Better Internet connection, always online

ZAPTEC’s 4G LTE-M, which is supplied by Telenor, provides good uptime and can help make the charging system cheaper with no extra infrastructure. The charging system is online 24/7 and ensures that regular software updates are implemented.

Maintains top safety standards

The charging station allows you to charge vehicles in complete safety using approved type 2 plugs, integrated fuses and built-in residual current device.

Distribute costs fairly

A built-in power meter indicates accurate consumption and allows shared garage or parking spaces to be assigned to and paid for by individual users. Use our administration system free of charge, or choose from a range of payment services for automatic payment, operation and support.

Intelligent and focusing on the future

The charging station supports ISO 15118, which makes it ready for Plug & Charge, State-of-Charge and other exciting options that will make it possible for us to improve the user experience. With its use of advanced technology, built-in software and a cloud solution for configuration and monitoring, this charging system is set up for the future.


Technical Specifications - ZAPTEC Pro

For technical specifications for ZAPTEC PRO, see ZAPTEC PRO Product Sheet

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