ZAPTEC Charging Stations - Firmware Updates - 28. January 2020

This update contains no changes for charging stations that have already been produced - 20. November 2019

  • Support for three phase charging on IT grids for charging stations in a system
  • Support for three phase charging on IT grids for Audi e-tron and newer models of Volkswagen e-Golf
  • Improved handling of situations where the car draws more current than it is supposed to - 9. September 2019 - 9. September 2019

  • Fixed a bug where connecting to the charging station via the app was not possible 5 minutes after starting up if the charging station was offline
  • Fixed some bugs related to charge session handling over OCPP
  • Improved the communication handling for some cars (e.g. VW eUp) - 5. August 2019

This update contains no changes for charging stations that have already been produced - 1. July 2019

  • Support for three-phase charging on IT-grids (currently only in standalone mode)
  • The name assigned to the charging station in ZAPTEC PORTAL is now displayed in the app when connecting to a charging station over Bluetooth (This is currently only supported on charging stations produced after February 12th, 2019)
  • When a connection check of the electrical grid is performed using the app, the jumper required for IT-grids are now verified to be installed.
  • Fixed a bug where authentication took a very long time to complete when the time between the user connecting the car and authenticating themselves was very long - 15. April 2019

  • Adjusted charging behaviour to work better with the Tesla Model 3 “Sentry Mode” feature
  • Fixed a bug where the status indicator brightness setting in the app and portal would reset back to 50%
  • Some early production ZapCharger Smart units will revert back to using green (instead of white) status indicator when no car is connected
  • Other minor bugfixes - 12. February 2019

  • The process of updating the charging stations firmware has been improved. The installation is now faster, and the download is more robust on bad internet connections.
  • Support for allowing any charge cards to charge while the charging station is offline with internal authentication enabled.
  • Fixed a bug where the same user only could authenticate once per offline period
  • Fixed a bug when reporting some offline sessions
  • Fixed a bug that caused the charging station to restart in some situations
  • Support for ZAPTEC Home - 12. February 2019

Charging stations with firmware version lower than will first update to this version, then automatically update to the latest available version after a short while - 8. October 2018

  • If native authentication is used, only authorized users and charging tokens will be able to charge while the charging station is offline
  • If a charging station is offline, the charging indicator will turn off briefly at least once every minute to indicate that it is offline
  • When a charging station is disabled in ZapCloud, the charging indicator will be turned off and no charging will be allowed until it is re-activated in the cloud (the charging station will not be re-activated until it is able to connect to ZapCloud). The charging indicator will flash red with low brightness every 30 seconds to indicate that it is disabled.
  • Other minor bugfixes and improvements - 5. June 2018

  • Some issues with preconditioning and delayed charge start in some cars has been fixed
  • If internal authentication is activated on the installation, charging can now be stopped by scanning the same charging token that started the charging session.
  • The icon for communication mode in ZapCloud now indicates the charging stations actual communication mode, not the configured mode
  • The charging station will now detect when it loses its network connection faster. An issue where the charging station could allow the car to charge with too much current for a brief amount of time after losing its network connection has also been fixed.
  • A bug where the app would not show any available Wi-Fi access points if an access point with no name was found has been fixed
  • If a firmware update is started using the app, the update now start immediately as long as no car is connected
  • Several improvements and stability fixes related to the communication with ZapCloud
  • Stability fixes for the Wi-Fi connection - 20. April 2018

  • This update only includes changes that apply during the production testing of newly produced units - 20. April 2018

  • Minor stability fixes and small bugfixes to the Bluetooth interface
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